TMJ Disorders

Chronic Migraines Can Be a Symptom

Your migraines may be rooted in TMJ. When your jawbone joint isn’t functioning right, it puts pressure on nerves that extend into the region around the jaw, which include your temples, the back of your head, and your spine. Other symptoms include:

  • Jaw clicks when opening or closing the mouth

  • The jawbone being “stuck” in the open position

  • Discomfort when chewing food or gum

  • Pain that radiates from the jawbone to the ear, shoulders, or neck

You have options. Here a Wanlass Dental, we have a variety of options available to those who suffer from TMJ pain. Each of our treatments is uniquely designed to help you live a more comfortable life and avoid allowing your TMJ to stop you from living fully.

How Wanlass Dental Can Help Address Your TMJ Pain

Wanlass Dental has been successfully treating patients with TMJ for over 25 years. Because each case is unique, we take the time to gain a full understanding of your lifestyle, habits, bone structure, and more to design a customized treatment plan that works for you. The result is a plan that will make you more comfortable and stop allowing TMJ to keep you from fully enjoying your daily life. Some of the treatments that are frequently recommended to help deal with the annoyance and discomfort of TMJ include:

  • Lifestyle changes, including eating foods that are smaller and smaller portion sizes

  • Trying not to open wide while talking or yawning

  • Specially-created dental devices to wear at night to stop your teeth from grinding together

  • Dental splints to keep your teeth from grinding in daytime

  • Improving the fit of your teeth and jaw with dental crowns or other devices

  • Dr. Wanlass can recommend further treatment if necessary

Isn't It Time You Loved Your Smile?

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