Root Canal

Avoid extractions with this effective solution

Save Your Teeth and Avoid Discomfort

When you’re born, Mother Nature gives you a finite number of teeth. Our job here at Wanlass Dental is helping you to preserve those precious teeth in the face of disease, decay, cracked enamel, and other perils. A root canal gives us an effective way to solve many tooth issues, often avoiding extractions. You may need a root canal if you exhibit these symptoms:

  • Sudden and persistent tooth pain

  • Swelling of your face or gums

  • Tooth has cracks in it and has become infected

  • Tooth suddenly "goes dark" or becomes discolored

  • Sensitivity to heat

Root canals remove pulp and nerve from the inside of a tooth still allows the tooth to look and function normally – and leaves you with a healthier smile. After the root canal procedure, you will have a crown placed to protect the tooth roots. Most root canals have a 95 percent change of a long-term success rate.

Wanlass Dental offers same-day CEREC® Crowns. Would you like more information on this state-of-the-art technology? Just give us a call at (702) 367-4412 today.

Our CEREC® machine lets us custom-fabricate and place the perfect permanent crown in just a few hours instead of a couple weeks. Patients love the natural looking crowns that we carefully craft with this high-tech machinery, not to mention the short appointment time and painless procedure!

Isn't It Time You Loved Your Smile?

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