What Is Sleep-Disordered Breathing, and How Can HealthyStart® Help?

Sleep apnea is just one of the many issues that affect sleeping patterns. Another issue affecting children's ability to sleep is called sleep-disordered breathing or SDB. It happens to be a lot more common than you would guess. Some more detectable signs of SDB are poor sleep patterns, snoring, or gasping as they sleep. 


There are other less obvious symptoms of SDB that may present differently. Some grind their teeth, have mouth breathing, bed-wetting or headaches. SDB often leads to other disorders developing that will significantly affect your child's quality of life. 


Read on to learn more about SDB, the conditions it causes, and how HealthyStart® can help.


What Is SDB?


SDB, as stated above, is a sleeping disorder mainly affecting children. It is not an issue that you can treat at home. Usually, you have to take your child to the doctor if you notice any of the symptoms associated with SDB.

One of the causes of SDB is the narrowing of the airway due to tonsils and adenoids becoming too large. Overweight children are also predisposed to it because fat deposits around the neck may narrow the airway. Another major cause of SDB is lower jaw abnormalities. Children with lower jaw abnormalities are at the highest risk of developing SDB.


What Does SDB Cause?


Poor sleep can affect several things in your child. Here are some of the main effects of SDB.


Poor Learning and Behavior

Proper sleep is necessary for children to grow, develop, and function properly. When a child has SDB and is not receiving treatment, they will have impaired learning and behavior. It can also lead to symptoms of ADD/ADHD, both of which are linked to poor sleep patterns in children. 

When a child presents symptoms of ADD or ADHD, doctors will often evaluate them for sleep disorders.


Compromised Development and Growth

Children and even adults grow when they are asleep. In children, the body releases growth hormones while they sleep. When they have poor quality sleep, this system is significantly affected.



Many parents struggle with bed-wetting children. They do not know that it may be a sign of SDB. Poor oxygen supply and sleep often affect the body's ability to control several systems. These include the urologic system.


Obesity and Fatigue

Another symptom that may develop from SDB is fatigue during the day. Children unable to sleep well at night often feel fatigued throughout the day. They will also be less active, which may lead to obesity.


HealthyStart for SDB


The HealthyStart system is a novel approach to treating the root cause of SDB, lower jaw problems. It helps straighten teeth and open airways without medications and painkillers, and it does this non-invasively. 


HealthyStart uses specific orthodontic and orthopedic appliances that have been under research for over 54 years. These appliances are more effective than aligners or braces in straightening teeth. These devices help clear the airway while your child is growing. Parents should seek treatment for SDB early for the best results from HealthyStart. 


For more on sleep-disordered breathing and how HealthyStart can help, contact Wanlass Dental at our office in Las Vegas, Nevada. Call (702) 367-4412 to book an appointment today.

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