Fixing Uneven Teeth With Porcelain Veneers

Do you worry about your smile not being perfect? Many people share similar concerns, so dentists have created many solutions in response. There are various smile makeovers available in cosmetic dentistry right now, one of the most popular being porcelain veneers. You can find that even some celebrities like Demi Lovato and Ben Affleck use these to get that perfect smile. 


Veneers can be used to fix various tooth problems. One of those is uneven teeth. Read on to learn about porcelain veneers and how they can correct crooked teeth.


What Are Porcelain Veneers?


They are thin sheets of porcelain that are customizable to fit the outside layer of your teeth. They give teeth a classic shape, look, and color, renewing your smile. They can provide strength and resilience in teeth, especially if you find a good dentist. 

Porcelain veneers are the ideal option for correcting a smile where the natural teeth are not as pretty. They also work well if your teeth have fractures or gaps between them. Moreover, dentists can utilize them to fix minor bite issues or uneven teeth. Another application is in stained teeth that are not responding to whitening treatments. 


What Are the Pros of Porcelain Veneers?


  • They are natural-looking, which means they will blend in with the rest of your teeth, and no one will know they are attached

  • Porcelain veneers are a long-lasting solution for the dental problems they fix. A set of veneers can last about ten years on average

  • They are very resistant to staining and only need regular oral hygiene practice to maintain them

  • They maintain most of your natural teeth, which is good for tooth health. Compared to other treatments like crowns or caps, veneers only need a bit of your tooth shaved off


What Are the Cons of Porcelain Veneers?


  • They are a permanent solution because the dentist removes a thin layer of your tooth enamel. It means when you start using veneers, they are irreversible

  • Porcelain veneers are limited to the types of issues they can fix. For instance, if you have failing teeth, crowns may be a better fit than veneers

  • They may increase tooth sensitivity. When a part of the enamel is shaved off, your teeth may become more sensitive, and veneers may not be thick enough to shield them from hot or cold

  • Long-term maintenance is a bit more costly for porcelain veneers than other options like bridges or crowns

  • They can chip or crack if there is too much pressure on them


How Do Porcelain Veneers Fix Uneven Teeth?


Uneven teeth can hurt your self-confidence, especially because smiling is a big part of confident body language. However, you can fix your uneven teeth using porcelain veneers and have that bright white near-perfect smile. The dentist can use veneers to create the illusion that your teeth are perfect. 


First, the dentist will shave a bit of enamel off your teeth to create space for the veneers to adhere. They will take measurements of your teeth to customize the veneers for your mouth. Then they will attach the veneers in a way that they fit perfectly on your teeth. 


For more on fixing uneven teeth with porcelain veneers, contact Wanlass Dental at our office in Las Vegas, Nevada. Call (702) 367-4412 to book an appointment today.

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