Benefits of the Solea® Laser for Dentistry

Patients benefit in many ways from advances in dentistry techniques and technology. Dental treatments are now often pain-free and take less time to complete. They also involve faster recovery times. Solea® laser dentistry eases patient anxieties and fears. It does so by eliminating the need for conventional dentistry tools and equipment. It is an excellent choice for various dental needs.


What Is a Solea Laser?

The Solea laser used in dentistry is a computer-guided CO2 all-tissue laser. It provides some of the most precise dental procedures. Solea is a breakthrough technology that allows dentists to perform procedures without anesthesia. It also enables suture-free and blood-free soft tissue dental procedures with rapid healing and minimal discomfort.


How It Works

The laser works by focusing a narrow and intense light beam onto the affected area. It delivers thousands of pulses per second. It can remove or reshape affected tissue and treat dentin, tooth enamel, and even bones.

During the procedure, your dentist will use a computer to target the treatment area. He/she will then focus the laser beam to remove an infection, cavity, or other issues. Patients do not experience pain, but they may feel brief cold sensations. The entire process lasts less than five minutes.



Imagine undergoing pain-free dental procedures that do not involve the use of drills or dental anesthesia. That is possible with Solea laser dentistry. Some of the reasons to consider this form of laser dentistry include the following:


Gentler on Surrounding Tissues

Unlike conventional soft tissue procedures, Solea dental laser procedures are less likely to irritate the surrounding soft tissues. The soft tissue damage caused during traditional dental treatments can create pain and lead to bacterial infections.


Faster Recovery

Using this type of dental laser accelerates your recovery process involving both hard and soft tissue. Nowadays, the use of lasers is common practice in many medical procedures to promote tissue regeneration and prevent scarring. Sometimes, the tissue will not regenerate without a dental laser.


Safe for Patients With Orthodontic Devices and Pacemakers

Do you have a preexisting condition that requires the use of an orthodontic device or a pacemaker? If so, you might not be a good candidate for conventional dental procedures due to the risk of damage to your medical devices. Fortunately, laser dentistry allows you to undergo procedures without damaging preexisting medical devices.


The Laser Kills Viruses

The Solea laser offers a solution to the bioaerosol problems caused by conventional dental tools. Furthermore, it kills bacteria, viruses, and other contaminants in the mouth, offering more protection than conventional tools.



Solea dentistry can benefit most traditional dental procedures and improve treatments by speeding up the process. It is best to remember that it cannot replace good dental hygiene practices. Whether you are considering undergoing a soft or hard tissue dental procedure, ask your dentist how Solea dentistry can benefit you.

For more on laser dentistry or the benefits of the Solea laser, contact Wanlass Dental at our Las Vegas, Nevada office. Call (702) 367-4412 to schedule an appointment today.

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